K. Worawit's house|clinic
Drawing (4)Nong Khai Drawing (5)  20 million
Drawing (7) 920 Sq.m.  Drawing (6)  5 Months
This project is solely designed to support family expansion and the medical career of the youngest son whom opening dental and orthopedics clinics. The client demands for a clinic that provides comfortable atmosphere instead of a prevalent stressful clinic. In order to response to such request, architect uses fresh court as a buffer area between dental clinic and orthopedic clinics.Essential part of this project is an effective usability and a privacy in each function especially in a residential zone. Therefore, every detail of each function has to be designed delicately. The residential atmosphere is supported by a courtyard connecting from the ground floor, which is set in the eastern side in order to be a shelter to protect sunlight and the heat from the west in the afternoon and evening.

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