Drawing (4)  Rama 2 Rd.   Drawing (5)  39 million Baht
Drawing (7)   1,940 Sq.m.   Drawing (6)  5 Months
Participating in design compettition, Nspire Group lead the race by putting 2 concepts, efficiently and functionally use of space in irregular shape of land and the aesthetic comes from the nature of building itself, no need to adorn with claddings. In the latter concept, the building is defined by apparent form, reflecting to its function inside. The heavy and lower mass, floor 1 and 2 express its showroom performance, in the mean time, the slimmer upper mass, 3rd floor, is the new head office of Toda PVC Leather co.,ltd.. After winning com pettition, Nspire Group proceed their design process in both architectural deveopment and Feng Shui, simaltaneously and harmoniously.

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